Adamas Pisco – 100% Puro Quebranta

Pisco Quebranta is a non-aromatic grape brandy that differs from all other brandies since it is not aged in oak barrels, no coloring, no flavoring and no water added.  In essence, it is one of the purist liquors in the world and is what sets pisco brandy apart from other spirits.

This spirit is a four-hundred-year-old magic elixir from the valley of Pisco in Peru. It is made with the traditional artisanal techniques by the distillation of freshly fermented Quebranta grape juice in a copper stills and is stored in clay jars called piscos.  

Pisco brandy is as versatile as any spirit on earth. Adamas Pisco can be used to create a unique and flavorful mixed drinks and cocktails, but its purity lends itself to be enjoyed as a chilled shot, neat or on the rocks.

100% Puro Quebranta In A 750 ML Diamond Shape Crystal Bottle Made in Peru